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When should Dermarollering not be used?

Although dermarollering can give spectacular results, as with everything there are a number of existing skin conditions or illness that can cause more serious side effects when using a dermaroller.

Abnormal skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, severe keratosis, skin cancer (either melanoma or non-melanoma), raised moles or warts, herpes, blood clotting problems, poor skin healing, active skin infections or inflammations, open cuts and wounds, sore or tender areas, scars that are not fully healed or sunburn.

Some medications such as roaccutane, drugs that cause photo-sensitivity, blood thinning drugs etc

If you are undergoing cosmetic procedures, including laser therapy, chemical peels, botox, fillers or cosmetic surgery, it is important that you wait for the skin to be fully recovered before starting dermaroller treatment.

Dermarollering is safe to use in pregnancy, however it is advised to check with a Dr/Pharmacist before using any skincare products with the dermaroller due to increased absorption of skin products (which could potentially enter the blood stream).

Keloid scars. Dermarollers can be safely used on all types of scars, except keloid scars. Keloid scars are over grown scars that spread outside the original area of skin damage, due to an overproduction of collagen. Keloid scars can affect anyone but darker skins may be more susceptible. Dermarollering can improve keloid scars in some cases, but it also has the potential to make them worse by triggering further collagen growth. If you decide to go ahead with treatment to keloid scars then it is recommended that you treat a very small part of the scar to start with and then wait several weeks to observe how it reacts.


f you have any concerns over whether your sin is suitable for dermarollering or if you have a contraindication, do not hesitate to ask. In any clinic you visit, you should be advised on these before starting treatment.

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