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What are Glycolic Acid Peels?

Glycolic Acid Peels – Uncover smooth and younger skin beneath what you have now!

What is it?

Glycolic acid peels (GAP) are a peel with glycolic acid (GA) as its main component.

GAP is a popular treatment choice for

  • Antiaging/wrinkles/fine lines

  • Acne (teen, adult and hormonal)

  • Rosacea/ sensitive skin

  • Skin tightness and brightness

  • Keratosis pilaris (‘chicken skin’)

  • Dry/dehydrated skin

  • Textural skin concerns

  • Pigmentation

Part of the alpha-hydroxyl family of natural ingredients, GA is derived from sugar cane and fruit acid.

When applied to the skin it removes the ‘glue’ that holds the older, rougher and drier skin on the surface.

When that top layer is removed, the fresh new layer is visible. The skin revealed is tighter and brighter

People who have GAP are often amazed with the results- they look younger, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. If they have acne, they often notice their skin considerably less oily and much clearer.

How does it work?

A light layer of peel is applied to your face and left for a period of time that will depend on the type and strength of peel you are having, the reason for having it and the person who is performing the peel.

The peel is removed and you are free to leave. With a light peel, such a GA, there is no real recovery time and no pain relievers are necessary.

Side effects

There are few, if any side effects of having a GAP.

Right after having the procedure you might feel some burning, but this often goes away quickly. You might have some redness, but again this usually goes away fairly quickly.

If you have sensitive skin or very fair skin you are more likely to encounter these discomforts.

GA makes your skin more sensitive to sun, so you should wear a good SPF.

Future treatments

Although results are noticeable after one treatment, one peel is often not enough. It is advised that you have a series of 6 peels with gaps of 3-4 weeks and then have maintenance peels as you desire them.

**Please note that the pictures on this site are not my own clients. They have been used from other clinics to show the results achievable after the recommended course of dermarollering**

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