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A timeline in pictures - What to expect from Dermarollering

I have had lots of people asking me questions about what to expect from Dermarollering... what is it? Will it hurt? Will I go red? 

Here, with the help of some photos from a recent treatment I did, I will answer your questions... 

What is Dermarollering?

Dermarollering is the process of using a roller covered in hundreds of small needles to puncture the skins surface. By causing micro trauma to the skins dermis, the body stimulates growth factors and in turn, collagen and elastin. It also encourages to the body to heal and regrow. The resulting effects are firming and plumping of the skin for a more youthful appearance. Other results may include reduced pore sizes, improved tone and vibrancy and reduction in lines and wrinkles. 

Does it hurt? 

Having hundreds of needles penetrate your skin is never going to be an entirely pain free process. However, I do take steps to make it as pain free as possible. After throughly cleaning the skin, I apply an anaesthetic cream for an hour (with reapplication after 30 minutes). This numbs the skin. Once the numbing effect has worn off, the skin will feel tight and has been described as feeling like sunburn. 

Will I go red? 

Yes you will go red. The intended end point of the treatment is redness, swelling and pin prick bleeding. The redness will depend on the sensitivity of your skin and the length of the needles used. The majority of people have redness for 12 to 48 hours after treatment. 

The pictures below demonstrate the redness experienced by a recent client.

Top left- before 

Top right- during 

Bottom left- immediately after 

Bottom right- 30 minutes after treatment

These results are completely normal and to be expected. 

The above picture is roughly 12 hours after treatment. A lot of the redness has gone with some parts still healing. Skin already looks firmer and fresher. 

The above picture is roughly 24 hours after treatment. Client described her skin as looking great and much healthier and noted that pores were looking much smaller. 

Above is roughly 36 hours after treatment. 

Client was very pleased with how her skin was looking and redness is all but gone. General tone and overall appearance of the skin is already greatly improved and should be expected to continue to improve over the next few weeks. 

If you have any other questions regarding Dermarollering or anything else then please feel free to message me. 

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