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Improving the appearance of C-section scars with dermarollering

Dramatically improving my c-section scar... 

often get asked if dermarollering (also known as microneedling) can be used for scarring, in particular, the scarring left following a c-section. Before I start this, I want to emphasise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a c-section scar! I have one myself and I’m very proud of my body and what it able to do and I wouldn’t have my son if it weren’t for that scar on my abdomen. This is aimed at people who, like me, don’t mind their scar, but think it would be nice for it to be less obvious. For me, the darkness of the scar never really faded and I always felt the skin was thick and felt as if it had tethered slightly to the muscle below and therefore didn't allow the skin to move as easliy. For some people, their c-section scar, like any scar, can make them feel self conscious and any treatment which can improve confidence and well-being is a positive! I decided to use myself as a case study to show how the appearance of a normal c-section scar can be improved following treatment with a dermaroller. Please note that this is just after treatment 1. I will be doing a course of 6 treatments with a gap of 4-5 weeks in between sessions. 

If you have any questions about Dermarollering or are interested in a treatment yourself then please contact me!  What to expect? It should not be expected that you will be able to completely remove a surgical, traumatic or post-inflammatory scar and results vary depending on the scar type and severity and the condition of your skin. It is, however, possible to significantly reduce the appearance of many scars, including acne scars, pitted scars and in this case, a c-section scar. Some people can see up to a 90% reduction in scarring where as some may just see a small change, however all scars treated will show some improvement. What are scars? A scar is the result of injury or trauma to the dermis (the deep layer) of the skin. Following injury, the healing process takes place, which involves special cells called fibroblasts migrating to the site of injury. These form collagen- the building block of scar tissue. Collagen fibres lay parallel and form a bridge across the wound and gradually over a period of up to two years contract to pull the edges of the wound closely together. This process results in thin flat scar, which then becomes dormant (ie not ‘active’ anymore). When an area of scar tissue has become dormant, it requires stimulation to make any changes to it, such as loosen it or fade it. How does dermarollering help? Dermarollering causes micro-trauma to the skin, initiating the healing process of the scar. The resulting blood flow and stimulation of collagen and elastin production encourages the skin to continue healing the scar, break up the thick tissue and sends the skin into the final healing stage. Dermarollering is a safe treatment that creates dermal damage without removing the skins protective barrier- the epidermis. The treatment reduces the appearance of the scar and the surrounding area and also helps to soften the fibrous bands of scar tissue. 

Below shows the before and after pictures of my c-section scar. The pictures are taken 1 week apart. 

Even I was amazed by the results so far! As you can see, the scar, in particular the ends, have noticeably faded! The actual texture of the skin has changed too. It doesn't feel as thick and the skin feels like it can freely move. 

I am beyond pleased with the results so far, especially given that this is after just treatment 1 of 6! 

I was pleased that the treatment- which involved 

Lots of needles puncturing my skin- was relatively painfree (despite how the picture below looks!) 

It felt quite tight for a day or two following treatment and I used a hydration serum and retinol serum directly after. 

I know that results will continue to improve and I'm very excited to see the results after my second treatment! 

If you have any questions about Dermarollering or are interested in a treatment yourself then please contact me! 

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